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I went to the neighboring town to help my mom close up shop at work (an elementary school) and to those kids I’m like a fucking unicorn. I rarely show up while the kids are there, but sometimes I draw pictures on the board at night for them to see the next day. One time I painted the windows. A…

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But still, one of the most basic rules for survival on any planet is never to upset someone wearing black leather.*
* This is why protesters against the wearing of animal skins by humans unaccountably fail to throw their paint over Hell’s Angels.


if i were a bird, you’d be the first person I’d shit on.

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Alleged “impossibilities” are opportunities for our capacities to be stretched.

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He hadn’t had a day’s proper schooling. Instead, his life had mostly been spent learning things, which is surprisingly rather different.

writing tip #700:



your characters are like geodes


if you want to see what they’re really made of


you must break them

this is the best writing tip ive heard in ages

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